International Missions

2020 Mission Trips

As literally the entire world wrestles with these uncertain times, we find ourselves with no option but to cancel our short term mission trips for the remainder of this year. This will include the following mission trips:
                                                Panama (medical mission)                           July 18-25
                                                Guatemala (village transformation)         Aug 29-Sept 5
                                                Kenya (baby center)                                       Oct 24-31
This certainly does not mean that our outreach will stop. It just means that it will look different this year. In Guatemala for example, our mission there is to “transform” the village of Cari. Cari is home to 200 families. The total population is 900. Our 2020 mission trip would have been the first of multiple trips over the next several years to work alongside of the people of Cari village to build up their community with clean water, a church building, and classrooms. The goal of our mission in Guatemala is not only to improve the day-to-day lives of the people living in “our” village, but ultimately to help bring about spiritual transformation through relationship. We thought this relationship would begin with building a classroom in September, but while we may make our plans it is God that orders our steps. The entire country of Guatemala has been on a total lockdown for the past 8 weeks. People are not allowed to work or to leave their villages. Because this falls during the hottest and driest time of the year for the region, people are without food and suffering from malnutrition and even starvation.  We can help! Partnered with Hope of Life and World Help, we will use the CovMissions funds that were allocated towards sending a team to provide food bags for each of the 200 families in Cari Village. Each food bag will include rice, beans, corn, sugar, protein mix and oatmeal. Masks will also be included for each family because the government will not allow anyone to leave their village without a mask.
The need is great all around the world and we believe that God has given us international partnerships for such a time as this.  Because we sent a mission team to Africa in October 2019, we were able to work through a group of Christian women our team had met in Kenya  to send food bags to families living in the slums of Nairobi at a time when people are literally starving. TOGETHER we can be the hands and feet of Christ. Please pray about supporting Covenant’s outreach locally, nationally and internationally by giving to CovMissions.

Operation Christmas Child (OCC)

Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes are so much more than a box of goodies for children. Samaritan’s Purse calls them “GO” boxes – Gospel Opportunities. Many people do not know that every shoebox includes a booklet called “The Greatest Gift” that teaches children and their families (in their own language) that the greatest gift we could ever receive was given to us more than 2,000 years ago in the person of Jesus Christ. Every child that receives a shoebox is also given the opportunity to participate in a follow up 12-lesson bible study called “The Greatest Journey” which teaches children what it means to be a faithful follower of Jesus Christ.

We encourage each of you to pack a shoebox this year. In fact, we challenge you to start now. Believe it or not, if you “pack year round” and watch for after holiday bargains like Easter bunnies for pennies on the dollar, you can actually pack a shoebox for under $20 including shipping and handling. Visit for more information on how to pack a shoebox.


Africa Gospel Church Baby Center

Kenya struggles with an overwhelming epidemic of babies and children being orphaned or abandoned due to poverty, AIDS and other diseases. The AGC Baby Center provides a safe haven for these little ones. It is not an orphanage or a children’s home. Children ranging in age from birth to 4 years of age stay at the center only until they can be matched with adoptive partners.  Covenant teams on mission at the baby center go to love and nurture the children but our teams are working teams that lend a hand with whatever maintenance or improvements that are needed at the facility.  A safari experience is included at the end of the work week.

Belize Mission Trip

Our mission trip to Belize is an amazing opportunity to participate in the distribution of Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes.  Belize is divided into six districts.  Shoe boxes are distributed in different districts each year.  This is a physical mission trip that involves lots of lifting and bending.  The team will spend several days unpacking and sorting shoeboxes for distribution to churches in the district.  Then, the fun part, we get to help give shoe boxes to the children usually in several locations!!  After a hard week’s work, this team will enjoy some free time on one of the islands!  Let us know if you’d like to be a part of our January 2021 team.

Panama Medical Mission Trip

2021 Panama Medical Mission Trip Dates:  TBD
The Ngobe are the poorest of the poor in Panama. Our teams bring medical and dental care that is otherwise unavailable in the region.  CovMissions funds the medications that the team brings to the clinic.  Medical professionals and non-medical volunteers are needed.  Visiting the Panama Canal is an option at the end of the week.  The cost is $1,500 per person and includes airfare, lodging and meals (meals on travel days are not included).

Village Transformation – Guatemala

Guatemala and its people are in severe need.  Eighty percent (80%) of people in rural Guatemala live in poverty.  Many villages are completely deprived of not only basic humanitarian needs but spiritual needs as well.  In partnership with World Help and Hope of Life, we can make a difference.


It is called “Village Transformation”.  More than 80 villages have been transformed already but there are hundreds more in need.  Every village is different but Village Transformation most often begins with clean water (wells, water purification systems, and piping).  Once this most fundamental need is met, schools and churches are built or improved, and pastors are planted and trained.  Village Transformation provides the opportunity for a hands-on, long-term mission project with direct on-the-ground personal involvement.  Spiritual transformation occurs as relationships are built and hope is restored through sharing about Jesus Christ.  It is all about relationship.  Imagine the relationships that can be developed over the course of this three year project as we send teams and work side-by-side with Guatemalans to transform their community.


More International Mission Partnerships

Covenant supports the international mission work of Rhett Thompson (Panama), Drum Family (Spain), April Herschberger (Kenya), Dan Jacobs (Kenya), Jeff & Indra Palmer (New Zealand), Shalom Mission House(Belize), Jamie Sexton (China), Jordan Keyton (Wycliffe Bible Translators)