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Mike Benson

Molly Tew, Carter & Collins Jordan, Jerre Lu Mason, Philip Bryan, Cynthia Smith, Mike Waters, Samuel Jackson, Margarie Sorrell, Doshia Wilson, Joann Krist, Art Solomon, Ken Enfinger, Pat Hartzog, Jeneve Brooks, Terry Smith, Forrester Family, Jerry Hearn, Sandra Andrews, Amie Wiley, Susan Herring, Jonathan Woodham, Scott Bradshaw, Bill McLure, Carolyn Johnsen, Bob Hartzog, Richard & Linda Ivey, John & Rita Paulk, Edwin Wills, Emily Medlen, Anna Bodiford, Mary Markley Family, Molly White, Pete Golden, Connie Brisolara, Gibbs Arrington, Justin Jackson, Savvy Pelham, Rhonda Gay, Timothy White, Mike Murray, JD Lawrence, Brad Morris, Sandy Lisenby, Bug, Dewayne & James Knowles, Carole Lee, Sandy Jones, Jessica Lindsey, Elene Powell, Daphne Willis, Densie Williams, Thomas Evans, Sandra Matthews, Jo Peterson, Virginia Hornsby, Dwight Jeffcoat, Gene Kearley, Kimberly Arnette & family, Paul Hall, Ava Blackburn, Jennette Gayer, Beth & Tom Sherrer, Molly Tew, Ronnie Brannon, Tom Renshaw Sr., Margaret Wilson, Tim Koogler, Linda Avera, Carrie Williams, Beverly Youse, Tammy Reese, Johnathan Berry, Carla Lawrence, Wallace Family, JJ Price Family, Alan Tidwell, Terri Daughtry, Lori Burns, Lisa Silcox, Natalie Faulk, Christy Goodwin Bullard, Mary Lisenby, Mark Arrington, William Brown, Peter Collins Jr., Sue Reynolds, Hays McKay, Helon Scott, Jeanne Stringfellow, David Johnston, Yvonne Reid, Cher Hicks, Happy Fox, Pete Shelley, Lisa Henry, Karen Medley, Gayle Moores, Lamar Spence, Martha Jane Shannon, Tipton Family, Kathy Clark, Wynn Arkle, June Granberry, Evie Riley, Tony Justice, Richard Duncan, Sarah Grantham, Charles Meeks, JoAnn Gamble, Allwyn Nilsson, Trip and Haley Moseley & family, Avery Wells, Jeffrey Bostwick, Scott Berry, Jennie Lawson, Scott Brown, Angie Goodson, Janis Caddell, Shelby Clark, Kendrea White, Kelly Armstrong Smith, Bobby Simmons, Michael Buntin, Bernice White, Beverly White, Audrey Miller, Carolyn Thomley, Bob Drummond, Connie Moore

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“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”
Philippians 4:6-7

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