God has an incredible purpose for your life. Through the Covenant Growth Track, we will help you discover that purpose and live it out. Over three Sundays we will look at what it means to be a follower of Jesus, discover your purpose in life, and connect through the life-giving ministries at Covenant.

Step One

October 7

This class will guide you through the basics of living a Christ-centered life. We will go over the basics of what it means to be a Christian and follower of Christ as well as offer baptism for those desiring to mark their faith in Christ.

Step Two

October 14

This class will give you a background of Covenant as well as the structure of the church and our life-giving ministries. We will have a guide for how you can get connected as well as how you can join.

Step Three

October 21

This class will discover your God-given talents and gifts. We will use these gifts to figure out the best fit for you at Covenant to serve others the way God designed.

  • When we did Growth Track I thought we would come to learn about the church, but it’s more about trying to find out where you fit in and where you can serve. I have never thought of how my personality would factor into where I serve, but when I saw the results I thought, ‘That fits me perfectly!’–Andrew & Courtney

  • I did a lot of research on the internet and talking to people about Covenant and decided this is the church I wanted to come to. From the minute I walked through the door, I remember the first greeter smiling, the ushers being nice, and when I sat down I felt like I was home. It was the feeling you get when you buy a house. When you buy a house you might go into 10-15 houses, but you know when you walk into “the house”, and I knew when I walked in and sat down that morning that this was “the church.” I was recently divorced and was looking for a new church, and the day I came was the start of The Comeback series. The entire message once I got here that day, feeling welcomed by everyone and realizing it was the very first day of The Comeback I thought, “OK, this is where I need to be!–Shannon

  • My wife and I have been going to Covenant for quite some time now, and we decided we wanted to become members. We knew Growth Track was the way to go to learn more about Covenant.–Ron