Areas of Study

  • Brass – James Holmes, Instructor
  • Cello – Rachel Cole, Instructor
  • Flute – Sarah McLendon, Instructor
  • Guitar (Classical) – Andrew Stroud, Instructor
  • Guitar (Contemporary Acoustic) – Nick Darts, Instructor
  • Piano – Sabrina Hannon, Denise Maxwell, Sarah McLendon, Instructors
  • Violin – Rachel Cole, Instructor
  • Voice – Denise Maxwell, Instructor
  • Sax – Nick Darts

Studio Location: 

Studio Instruction takes place at Covenant United Methodist Church located at 3610 West Main Street (Hwy 84).

Studio Classrooms are located on the 2nd floor of the CLC building (Christian Life Center). This is the building in the rear (third building on the left).
Upon entering the CLC building, go to the left past the game tables to the hallway. For your convenience, an elevator will be down on the left. Also, two sets of stairs are on either end of the building.


Fees/ Policies


There is a yearly enrollment fee for each student receiving private instruction. The enrollment fee enrolls the student for private instruction during that academic year. This fee is to be given to the instructor on the first lesson that they attend. In addition, a registration form must be filled out at that time and given to the instructor.

You will receive the registration form from your instructor. Checks should be made payable to CUMC STUDIO.

 Enrollment Fees:

  • $75 Family Enrollment (3 or more students)
  • $55 Enrollment for 1 student.
  • $15 each additional family member
  • $10 each additional instrument
  • $35 New enrollment fee if entering after April 10th

We will begin receiving returning student’s enrollment fee in July for the academic year. The enrollment fee should be paid by September 15thA $25 late fee will incur if enrollment fees are not received by this date.

Private Lesson Tuition: 

Each instructor sets their individual tuition rate. Please check with your instructor regarding their fee and payment preferences. Checks are to be made payable to your instructor. *Please do not turn checks in to the office.*


Private lessons are offered Monday – Thursday.
Private lessons are scheduled for 3 minute or 1 hour sessions.
Lessons are once per week.
Day and Time are lessons will be based on availability of instructor.


  • Lessons must begin and end on time. If a student arrives late, the lesson time will not be extended. The subsequent student’s lesson will begin on time.
  • The student should bring all materials as assigned by the teacher to each lesson
  • When group lessons are scheduled by the private teacher, that lesson will count as the student’s private lesson for that week.
  • Parents and their children/siblings are asked to wait in the lobby at the game tables while their student is having their lesson.
  • Regular lessons are scheduled during breaks. The teacher may use these days for make-up lessons, if desired.

Missed Lessons:

Please rememberYour monthly tuition is paying to reserve the instructor’s time each week specifically for your student. The instructor is there for you, regardless if your are there or not.

  • The student is expected to attend each lesson. If and absence is necessary, the student must notify their teacher 24 hours before the missed lesson.
  • Acceptable reason for absence – illness, funeral, or emergency.
  • Unacceptable reasons for absence – ball practice/game, dance, visiting friends, scheduled dentist apt, etc.
  • Make- up lessons may be offered at the teachers convenience provided the absence is acceptable, and timely notification given.
  • If the required notification is not given, no make-up lesson will be scheduled.
  • If a student simply does not show up for a lesson, or you forgot, no make-up lesson will be scheduled.
  • Should a teacher need to cancel a lesson, the student will be notified and a make- up lesson will be scheduled.
  • In the event of inclement weather, please contact your instructor to see if the lesson will be given.

Home Practice:

A one-on-one relationship with a teacher, along with a commitment to regular practicing, helps a student become proficient on his/her instrument. Practicing is a learning enhancement of the teacher’s instruction. Each student should have a quiet place in the home as well as a regularly scheduled time to practice each day. Daily practice will be expected and required of your student to ensure success.

Age Acceptance for Instruction: 

The Studio accepts all ages for private instruction beginning with age 5 through adulthood.
While we do accept young children stipulations apply. They will be expected to know their alphabet, read small words, and be able to sit still and focused for at least a 20 minute duration. Parents will also be resoponsible to assist them during their practice sessions at home to ensure success.

The Studio also offers private lessons during the day for college students, adults, and home schooled students.


Contact Sabrina Hannon at (334) 333-6212 for more information.


The Studio School of Arts will sponsor recitals and receptions during the spring.
Student participation is not mandatory, but each student is encouraged to be a part of their instructor’s spring recital.
This year’s recital will be scheduled for May 5, 2017.